About Us

From nature springs curiosity, curiosity causes exploration,
and from exploration comes knowledge. Knowledge is the seed for ,
creation and creation is the aspiration of all human endeavours. ,
Knowledge never dies and nor can it be deformed.
It is immortal and its quest is the true path for salvation.

  • R.K.P School Madina owned and managed by registered Ramkrishan Paramhans Shiksha Samiti V.P.O. Madina, Korsan in 1997. The school is meant to be a befitting memorial of Swami Ramkrishan Paramhans Ji, one of the most distinguished religious personalities of the time. The samiti established the R.K.P with a vision to provide children from a rural milieu the opportunities they are deprived of as compared to urban counterparts because of which the former find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to face the challenges of life in various spheres through the awaken of sound education and building them mentally, spiritually and physically strong enough to flow smoothly in the hardships of life, R.K.P is one of the most prestigious schools in the area .
  • Initially affiliated in Haryana Board, the school was founded as Primary School on the 7th Feb, 1997 at Madina. The school received NOC from Directorate Secondary Education Haryana, Chandigarh (NOC No. 24/91-2003 S-I(2)) on date 27th June 2000.

Aim & Objectives

The school has adopted the clarion call of Swami Vivekanand, a renowned discipline of Saint Ramkrishan Paramhans Ji and one of the prominent faces of the resurgent Indian, namely “Awake, Arise, Great Souls !” as its motto. Research over the years has proved that students learn the defined learning objectives in the content of real-life situation. We believe that how one learn is as important as what one learns. We, at R.K.P, boost the students to listen to all but filter what they hear. We believe in the students have the courage to be impatient, let them have the patience to be with a vision of tomorrow and strong foundation of knowledge, skills and values. Self held learning enables the students to pursue lifelong learning. This ability to learn continuously is a key ingredient for success in life in this rapidly changing world. To summarise, we are committed to produce responsible global citizens who are physically strong, socially adaptable, emotionally balanced, intellectually alert, spiritually enlightened and morally sound. We groom our students to become good human beings.

Keeping in view the cut throat competition in the contemporary world, R.K.P. has set out on a mission to prepare its students for the future challenges within the stipulated time-frame, mission to provide the best to its students within their limited resources and above all the mission to bring the rural youth at par with the metropolitan students by providing them competitive classes within the school premises, during the school timing itself which gives them a cutting edge over students of other schools.