President's Message

Swami Vivekanand says "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing in man".
We at R.K.P. earnestly and religiously believe in the implications of the above philosophy. Young minds are impressionable-blank sheet of paper- unsullied by ptreconceived notions and endwed with vast potiential. We teachers, infact, instill in Read More

Asst. Director's Message

I,Sahil Dangi, hereby wish to take up the responsibility of contributing my bit to & hold aloft the name of this august institution of rural Haryana. I shall try to enhance the quality & quantity of 3C's-Communication, Coordination & Cooperation among three stake holders ie. Teachers, Students & parents for a more evolved & meaningful interactive discourse. Read More

Principal's Message

Knowledge empowers man and real empowerment lies not in making people literate but providing means of earning livelihood and opening the routes to employment. True education is thus, of our survival. In this highly competitive world only they survive, who aim for nothing but the best. The need of the hour is to make education socially relevant Read More